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 Schedule Update- minor changes

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PostSubject: Schedule Update- minor changes   Wed Mar 18, 2009 5:36 am

Ok, the schedule for this year is pretty much done. But while doing it, I ran into a problem with a triangle of teams. What I'm going to say here is probably not going to make sense to a lot of people, and thinking this out in my head trying to explain it, I have no idea what I'm saying either (but don't say I didn't warn you). Basically, this is how the schedule worked. The first 5 weeks of the season, you play the 4 people in your division, and one outside team. The next 12 weeks, you play all outside division games. Then the final 5 weeks, you play your 4 division teams and one outside team. So thats the basic concept of the schedule here.

The problem I ran into was that in week 17 (which is the last week before the second round of division games start) I had a 3 team triangle that hadn't played each other. Spundin, TCM (cutoff men), and SS(ironmike) had not played each other. Spundin hadn't played TCM or ironmike. TCM hadn't played Iornmike or Spundin. And ironmike had not played TCM or SS. So basically all three of them numerically have the right amount of opponents left (a week 17 non division opponent) and one in the last 5 weeks. However, these 3 ran into the triangle, only 2 of them could play each other, and the other one didn't have a game which matched.

So I had to bypass the DO NOT PLAY LIST for four teams.

For week 17, TCM and OCMLF plays. This would be a regular game. But the same week Gonzo and Ironmike play each other, even though they were on the blocked list. This was done, so we didn't have one team with no legal games left, and thus opponentless.

For week 18. Since these two teams went against their DO NOT PLAY list team, I had to do it again to balance it out for the other teams that had to be scheduled to play say Gonzo's team (which was Kevin). Since Gonzo had two teams still left to play (what should've been his week 17 opponent and his one game out of division game from the last 5 weeks). So then Kevin would be left with no other opponents to play since he played his other opponent in week 17. So for this, I broke the Do Not Play list for Spundin and Malta as well, as they will play in week 18. This way, everything should be balanced.

Hope you understand what I'm saying, and why a couple of you will be playing teams that were on the Do Not play each other list. Just wanted to let people know.
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Schedule Update- minor changes
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